In complex global 21st century organisations systemic or relational ideas and practices empower leaders, consultants, coaches and managers to ‘see the wood from the trees’ and grasp more clearly the underlying reasons for repetitive patterns of organisational behavior that frustrate rather than enable top performance.

I began working in organisations at board level and on professional role development with individuals and teams 25 years ago and am passionate about the usefulness of systemic or relational ideas and practices for enhancing performance.

My practice includes coaching, consultation / supervision and facilitation in the corporate world and until 2007 I was chair of the MSc in a A Systemic Approach to Management, Coaching and Consultation at Birkbeck College, London.

'Systemic Literacy' and 'Relational Creativity' can provide vital resources to leaders, managers, consultants and coaches to help them in their understanding of how they become positioned in their organisations; in making strategic interventions to enhance individual and group performance; and in developing themselves as reflective and mindful professionals.

I am available to discuss projects in your organisation where my expertise may be useful and can offer ongoing support with the design of interventions as well as delivery with an emphasis on promoting systemic thinking and practice and relational creativity.

Fees are calculated and charged at a daily rate that is inclusive of preparation and travelling time and other expenses.

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