Crisalida is a Spanish word for chrysalis and Crisalida Limited is my business name.

The mystery of what happens inside a chrysalis just before a beautiful butterfly emerges has for many years been a metaphor for me for the mysterious processes of transformational change I am hoping to facilitate with my clients. Hence my choice of name, logo and focus on enabling elegant emergence. Emergence can happen once or many times in our professional or personal lives.

Transformational change is indeed mysterious, awesome and unpredictable so enabling or restoring hope, expectancy, amazement and wonder is fundamental to my work with clients.

Whether or not I accompany you on part of your journey I hope your own chrysalis experience leads you to greater achievements and delight in yourself professionally and personally.


Appointments are available in London SE1 (Waterloo) or Hampshire (Petersfield) or by phone or Skype. For enquiries or to book an appointment, please use the button below. Thank you.

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