I completed my training as a systemic practitioner at the Tavistock Centre, London in the late 1970s and was fortunate to secure part-time employment there and developed my private practice alongside. By the 1980s I was established as a trainerfacilitatorsupervisor and therapist.

My work today includes working as an organisational consultant, working therapeutically with individualscouplesfamilies and groups as well as working as a supervisor for therapists and coaches. All aspects of my work are important and exciting for me and I am committed to endeavouring to be a useful and empowering resource to clients, drawing on my repertoire of skills as a systemic practitioner.

I believe my personal experience as a partner and mother and my own spiritual journey contribute enormously to what I can offer my clients. There are testimonials on each page.

I continue to develop my skills by training and attendances at workshops as well as being in regular supervision for my work.

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Over the years I have come to know Ros both as a colleague, mentor and personal friend. On more than one level I have enjoyed and been enriched by her ability to be present, mindful, analytic and and to make complex issues clear and simple.

PW, Denmark