Therapy can help couples understand not only how and why their relationship may sometimes be ‘stuck’ and painful but also appreciate the wisdom in their choice of one another as partners; how any conflict and struggles in their relationship can be understood as the ‘green shoots’ of individual and relationship growth trying to happen; and how they can heal deep hurts and together create a nurturing and satisfying relationship they have the skills to sustain.

I aim to help couples feel safe enough in a confidential space to explore their disappointments in and longings for their relationship in ways that restore the vital connection that was the ‘chemistry’ that first drew a couple together – so again they sense the potential each brings to the other and their relationship.

In 1998 I qualified as an Imago Relationship Therapist (IRT). This structured approach to working with couples offers powerful and effective communication tools for transforming conflict into connection.

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Ros helped us through the trials and tribulations of raising our step-children. She helped us find the tools to deal with many family issues, practical and emotional. We have recommended her to family and friends.