Eating disorders are one of the psychiatric illnesses with the highest fatality rate. Sufferers, whether they think they are too fat or too thin, while aware sometimes of the risks they take with their physical and mental health, mostly report feeling helpless to change their behaviours in relation to food.

I have been working as a therapist with eating disorder sufferers, men, women and young persons, since 1998 and admire the courage it takes to seek professional help. When sufferers first contact me I explain that my work with them needs to focus on both their physical and emotional safety and anyone under 18 years old will need parental or guardian consent to work with me.

Therapy focuses on trying to understand the meaning, as a communication about emotional pain, the illness has in a sufferer’s life and the effects on his or her relationships.

The aim of any work we agree to undertake together is to recognise, address and resolve the issues causing such profound emotional pain so the need for the eating disorder disappears … or put another way so that the eating disorder no longer serves any purpose and becomes redundant.

Individual and group therapy opportunities are available for sufferers and their families.


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My eating disorder left me disconnected, removed from myself and the world around me. Working with Ros, I learned to trust again: her compassion and commitment helped me to gradually untangle the stranglehold of my eating disorder. 

OP, Dorset