Family Therapy can help when family members are overwhelmed by either the predictable events in the life cycle and developmental stages, or the unpredictable events (sudden illness, loss, trauma, death, redundancy, disability, etc) that disturb lives. More often than not it is a combination of predictable and unpredictable events that precipitates family relationship breakdown and an acceptance of the need for some professional support.

Anxiety and stress in families can manifest in one individual child or adult becoming symptomatic or in a particular relationship breaking down. If for example one or both parents become unable to communicate with an adolescent child, this can create intolerable relationship stress; similarly feeling overwhelmed by the caretaking responsibilities for older or younger family members with special needs can also create intolerable relationship stress. If family members then stop being able to talk to each other, or become isolated in their pain, they may then lash out physically or verbally at their ‘nearest and dearest’ with disastrous consequences.

I aim to enable family members to share their distress and together explore what has led to the ruptures in their relationships and the painful communications that have followed. With transparency restored family members can usually reconnect and together commit to risk the healing process. As a family therapist my part is to ‘hold’ the safe space in which new and often courageous conversations between family members can take place as they listen to each other and negotiate more satisfying relationships with one another.


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The success which I felt in my visits to you encouraged me to recommend you to other members of my family as well as to several friends. They have all come back with a big thank you for meeting you and the help that you have given them.
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