Therapy can help with difficult circumstances causing physical or psychological symptoms, distress or dissatisfaction in your life and help you regain a sense of equilibrium in yourself and ease in your personal and professional relationships.

I aim to be attentive to you and your needs so you feel valued and respected and are able to risk exploring what concerns you most in your relationships with yourself, with others and if relevant in your spiritual life in a safe and confidential space. Giving yourself time to reflect and be heard can enable you to regain hope and confidence in the healing process as well as an awareness of what next steps might be possible for you.


Group Therapy offers a unique environment and opportunity for participants to learn from one another and take risks. Participants can share a profound experience of connection as they have their suffering recognised and their potential for healing affirmed and encouraged by one another. In group therapy participants’ capacity for empathy, attentive listening, and staying present in conversation with others can be developed.

Fees are based on participants contracting to attend at least 6 group sessions with no more than 8 participants in a group at any one time.

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Appointments are available in London SE1 (Waterloo) or Hampshire (Petersfield) or by phone or Skype. For enquiries or to book an appointment click the button below.

From the first time I met you I was impressed by your ability to provide an atmosphere of non-threatening professional understanding while not shirking the opportunities to ask searching questions. You always seemed to know when to pull back and when to dig deeper.
PJ, Hampshire