Welcome and thank you for visiting my website, which is designed to give you an overview of the services I offer as an organisational consultant, as a psychotherapy supervisor and as a psychotherapist – including therapeutic work with individuals, families, couples and eating disorders sufferers. If you think you would like to explore the possibility of working with me, the site is designed to make it easy for you to contact me.

My work with you can, as you wish, include looking at your relationship with yourself, your professional and personal relationships (with colleagues, friends, family – your partner or your children) and your relationship with the transcendent – the spiritual.

My aim with clients is to create a reflective meeting space where any changes you desire can be negotiated. My focus is on growth and development and when necessary repair and restoration in your professional and personal relationships: resourcing you to recognize and celebrate your uniqueness and encouraging your belief and delight in yourself and your talents.

Given my experience, my work is currently made up of 50% psychotherapy clients and 50% supervision and consultation – each aspect of my practice enriching and complementing another.

I hope, of course, you can find what you are looking for on my site but if not, I wish you well as you continue your search and journey.


Appointments are available in London SE1 (Waterloo) or Hampshire (Petersfield) or by phone or Skype. For enquiries or to book an appointment, please use the button below. Thank you.

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